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Bless The Lord!

Bless The Lord!

Psalm 103 is a perfect opportunity for us reflect on the mercies of God and be encouraged by who He is and what He has done for us. My challenge is that we would spend time Praying this Psalm and reflect on what a wonderful God we serve. How could we not desire to Bless the Lord because of the mercy He has shown us?

Psalm 103 (NKJV)

1 Bless the Lord, O my soul;
And all that is within me, bless His holy name!

2 Bless the Read More…

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What Do We Have to Worry About?

What Do We Have to Worry About?

In the gospel of Matthew chapter 6, Jesus tells us not to worry about food, clothes, and shelter. The Father understands what we need and will provide. Jesus explains that the Father even clothes the grass of the field. What an interesting concept to consider? I mean when I look at the grass in my yard, I just see grass. I never thought of Read More…

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Last Words…

Last Words…

What do you think of when someone asks, what were his or her last words? or Did he or she have any last words? Often times people may say, they love you or take care of the family or some sort of goodbye that gives the person a chance to have one of his or her final wishes carried out after they are gone. Then their are a lot of Read More…

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The Storyline of The Bible

The Storyline of The Bible

The entire biblical storyline from Genesis to Revelation reveals Jesus from beginning to end. According to Vaughan Roberts, “In the Old Testament God points forward to him [Jesus] and promises his coming in the future. In the New Testament God proclaims him to be the one who fulfills all those promises” (Roberts 18). In addition Roberts in his book God’s Big Picture, there are eight main sections of the Read More…

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Commitments? or Resolutions?

Commitments? or Resolutions?

It’s eleven days into 2016 and already many have probably fallen off the wagon with their New Years resolutions. One thing that I began to do a few years ago is to not make any resolutions, but to make commitments. For me when I make a commitment, I have made a decision to dedicate myself to this particular activity. According to Read More…

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Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness

When we begin to think about life and where it comes from, for many it can be almost an impossible question to answer. Although from a Christian perspective we would agree that life came from and was Read More…

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God’s Word is Stronger

God’s Word is Stronger

The Gospel of Matthew begins with a genealogy of Jesus, along with His birth and baptism. After his baptism, Jesus goes on a forty day fast. Then in chapter four, verse two, it states that Jesus was hungry after forty days of not eating. I think this would be obvious to anyone that Read More…

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